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Cultivating a more inclusive legal profession in Maine.

ALF Welcomes Katrina Hoop!

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Maine is changing,

so must we

Maine faces profound demographic shifts, marked by increasing racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. As the faces of our communities change, so too must the institutions that serve them, including the legal profession.

Diverse perspectives enrich decision-making, enhance innovation, and promote equity. By championing diversity in the legal profession, we're not just shaping the future of Maine's legal landscape; we're fostering a more inclusive, equitable society where everyone, regardless of background, can thrive.

The Alpha Legal Foundation will cultivate and support the next generation of “firsts” while also ensuring that those firsts are not Maine’s last.

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Our Mission

To increase the number of historically underrepresented law school graduates in top positions of leadership and scholarship.


How We Work

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We reach out.

We convene lawyers, legislators, policy makers, and community advocates to develop nuanced solutions to systemic problems.

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We reach up.

We intentionally and strategically engage with people and systems of power to challenge the historical exclusionary culture of the legal profession.

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We reach back.

We invest in programs to equip and encourage all students, but particularly BIPOC students, to see themselves as future leaders in the legal profession.

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What We Do

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Spotlight Interviews

We regularly highlight a BIPOC law school graduate who lives and works in Maine. Hear what led them to law school and what they are doing now!

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Community Discussions

Through dialogue, we dismantle biases by fostering understanding, empathy, and awareness of diverse perspectives.

Under review and revision.

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Pipeline Programs

We encourage diversity by cultivating diverse talent early. Developing and sustaining an upper elementary to law school pipeline is our goal.

Under development.

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Maine JusticeCorps

This AmeriCorps program offers a unique opportunity for members to serve their community while gaining valuable professional experience.

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Mentor Programs

Mentor provide guidance and support that break down barriers and empower diverse talent to thrive.

Get a mentor. Be a mentor.

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Law School Fellowships

A selected Maine Law student with strong leadership and community service commitment will receive a stipend to defray law school costs.

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(207) 536-6855

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110 Marginal Way, Ste. 195

Portland, ME 05101